Institute of Psychology of
the Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Psychology of
the Polish Academy of Sciences
28 Febraury 2015
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About Us

The Psychology Section of the Polish Academy of Sciences was originally established in 1980 upon the initiative of Professor Janusz Reykowski. On July 4th 1989, following a decree of the Polish Academy of Sciences, we were reconstituted as the Institute of Psychology.
The Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IP PAN) is fully accredited to grant doctoral degrees and habilitations. The Institute can also initiate the review process for awarding titles of professor.
Our primary mission is to conduct scholarly research as well as develop and mentor the pool of highly qualified scientists.
Members of IP PAN engage in studies spanning the following areas:

  • Psychology of decision making and judgment
  • Economic psychology
  • Cross-cultural psychology
  • Political psychology
  • Psychophysiology and neuroscience
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Psychology of animal behavior
  • Psychology of individual differences
  • Social psychology
  • Stress and community psychology

In addition to basic research we conduct applied research projects addressing the needs of local businesses, court system, educational institutions, national defense, social and health policies. Our experts offer variety of services aiming at the popularization of science.

The Institute of Psychology, along with the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Institute of Economics, and Institute of Law Studies, forms the College of Social Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (

As a member of the College we are responsible for offering postgraduate educational programs

( and interdisciplinary doctoral studies


The Institute houses a publishing house printing specialized psychological monographs and periodicals (